Pursuing the place's cultural vein, it was very natural to make way for the desire and inclination to produce plays, always staged during tea time. Casa Julieta de Serpa started then promoting a different afternoon tea, featuring cultural and artistic stress, integrated with leisure and culture, passing on a message that is also playful and pleasant. Young but talented artists began performing there, and then formed the Julieta de Serpa Drama Company.

The company completed six years of existence recently. It has grown and counts on a great group of young musicians, actors, singers, costume designers, songwriters and scriptwriters. The costume designs, which are gorgeous and luxurious, are created by Beth Serpa.

"We are more than ever taking over our identity. Today we have almost 50 people working on this project," reports the general producer and director of the Company, Professor Carlos Alberto Serpa.

Produced plays: "Chá de Rainha" (Queen's Tea), "A chegada da Família Real ao Brasil" (The Royal Family Comes to Brazil), "Chá com Evita" (Tea with Evita), "Le Sacre", "Coral de Natal de 2009" (2009 Christmas Choir), "Maria Antonieta – a última Rainha da França" (Maria Antonieta – the last Queen of France), "Hontem, Hoje e Sempre - Um Chá de Carnaval" 1 and 2 (Yesterday, Today and Always – A Carnival Tea), "Hollywood, a magia do cinema" 1 and 2 (Hollywood, The Magic of the Movies), "Então é Natal" 1 and 2 (And So This is Christmas), "Canzoni Per Te, um brinde ao amor" (A Toast to Love), "Sinatra, my way", "Chá, Confete e Serpentina" (Tea, Confetti and Serpentine), "Natal, tempo de sonhar" (Christimas, a Time to Dream) and "Não me leve a mal, hoje é carnaval" (Don't Take It So bad – It's Carnival).

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